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Things are going to be a little different for a while but I really want you to be as safe as possible and to feel as safe as possible.  I have completed an extensive risk assessment exercise and come up with the following safety plan. Please familiarise yourself with the contents prior to attending your workshop and if you have any feedback or concerns please get in touch. Before attending a workshop, please do check your emails. Most importantly if there is any chance you have been exposed to the virus, if you have any symptoms, or if you currently live in a tier 2 or a tier 3 area please do not attend.

  • This plan has been completed in line with the guidance published at

  • The workspace, tools and equipment provided for you will have been fully cleaned in line with the guidance here:

  • On arrival at the workshop, before and after eating, and following coughing /sneezing, guests will be asked to wash their hands and use the hand sanitiser provided.


  • Guests are requested to use a tissue or elbow to cough or sneeze and use bins for tissue waste (‘catch it, bin it, kill it’)


  • Guests will have their temperature taken before being shown to their workspace. Should your temperature be above 37.8, you will be asked to sit for a few minutes before repeating the test. If this should be higher the second time, you will be asked to go home.


  • In order to minimise contact between individuals and maintain social distancing, class sizes have been reduced and workspaces have been separated by at least 1m+


  • It is requested that guests bring their own face masks to workshops and wear them at all times aside from eating / drinking. During this time please bring an individual, sealable plastic bag to store your mask in between use and sanitise your hands. Your workshop host will be wearing a face shield.


  • Any food included will be provided at your workspace in order to maintain social distancing and minimise traffic.


  • Additional tools and equipment have been purchased in order to minimise sharing and the potential for infection. Any tools that are shared will be wiped between each use.


  • In order to minimise infection all paperwork normally completed on the day will be sent out electronically before your workshop. Please sign and return prior to the day (electronically is fine). I will email manuals to people after workshops have been completed.


  • If you develop any symptoms following your workshop please self-isolate, arrange to be tested and get in touch immediately with the results in order that I can implement the track and trace procedure.


Thank you for your understanding, I know things will feel a little strange but I want you to thoroughly enjoy our workshop happy time together and be safe.

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